A Line in the Sand

The benefits of taking some time to reflect. During my younger years, I spent the best part of 20 years coaching basketball teams at various levels. During our matches I could always rely on a little safety net called the “Time Out”. No matter how bad things got in a game, there was always the […]

What’s my purpose?

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.     Rumi Whenever I give a my Inner Camino workshop, I nearly always start by talking about Alignment. A number of years ago after years of working hard to achieve my goals, often with little tangible results to show at the end, I decided to […]

CAO 2022; Stats, Options and Decisions.

 ©2022 Mary Hickey Career Consultant 2021 saw a record high for CAO Applications with a figure of 85,000 noted.  This figure has dropped by 1.5% in 2022 with a figure of 78,000 recorded.  These figures account for the full cohort of applicants comprising of; school leavers, further education (QQI), mature students and international students including […]

CAO – Change of Mind – All You Need to Know

CAO Change of Mind Facility

All You Need to Know About the CAO Change of Mind Facility The CAO Change of Mind Facility opened on May 5th and will remain open until 5:00pm on July 1st. The Central Applications Office (CAO) has begun emailing all applicants who applied to CAO by 1 February this year. The email instructs applicants to […]

Major Changes in the Irish College System.

Changes in the Irish College System

Over the past 12 months, there has been major overhaul and significant changes in the Irish College System.   As a result, 12 major IT Colleges across Ireland have amalgamated into 5 large Technological Universities.   The 5 new entities are as follows;   New College Name Former Name Technological University of Dublin – TUD […]

Will the Leaving Cert Points rise again next year?

This is a question we at Whitney Career Guidance are being asked a lot of late. Before I answer that question here is a brief overview of what has been happening with Leaving Cert points over the past 5 years. During the period 2017-2019 Leaving Cert points held steady, but there was the usual amount […]

Spotlight on Students entering 6th Year in 2020.

©2020 Mary Hickey and Seamus Whitney Seamus recently spoke on South East Radio about the stress and uncertainty that students entering 6th year in 2020 are currently experiencing. To address this I have compiled a short blog that should be of interest to students and parents of this cohort. The theme that is arising from […]