A career guidance assessment is primarily for any person facing into making a decision regarding future career development. This normally includes students (both standard and mature) faced with selecting college courses at 3rd Level, or indeed students making important decisions around subject selection.

Our service also covers people looking to change jobs or indeed to find a better position for themselves within the workforce. We also work with people who may be out of employment and seeking assistance to return to work.

  • Career Guidance for the Post Primary Student including JC/TY Subject Choice and LC Decisions.
  • Career Guidance for Adults or those who are at crossroads in their career journey.
  • Career Guidance and Post Graduate Information for the Graduate.
  • Life Coaching sessions.
  • Job Seeking Skills.
  • Advice and Support for parents of the Post Primary Student.
  • Career Discussions around specific Career areas, including help with CAO Applications.
  • Academic support from our Writing Mentor.
  • For more details of these appointments please use the menu section on our Home Page at whitneycareerguidance.com
  • Prior to appointment the client will complete Whitney Career Guidance unique online Assessment Tool. This Assessment is a crucial step in the career guidance process providing accurate and detailed results of their key areas of interest, their abilities and aptitudes.
  • Each career guidance appointment is unique and tailored towards the need of the individual. Here is a breakdown of the key themes in the process:
  • Analysis of the student’s current points status in addition to setting a realistic and achievable points target.
  • Detailed information regarding college qualifications, points needed for entry into different courses, overview of colleges, and subject critique.
  • Review of student’s online Assessment allowing the introduction of a thorough and detailed breakdown of all careers of interest.
  • Advice and clarity on employment prospects from careers of interest, points /subjects needed for direct entry into relevant courses and guidance on backdoor entry to careers of interest.
  • Where necessary further psychometric testing will be used.
  • Categorizing level of interest of career, completion of preference list.
  • For JC/TY student recommendation of subject choice and introduction of CAO.
  • LC Cycle student will leave fully informed of CAO Process and with a draft CAO completed
  • Where necessary students will leave informed of UCAS/ Study Abroad /HEAR / DARE/ SUSI programmes and any other information required to assist them in their decision making.
  • Parent/guardian discussion and review of assessment.
  • For more details please use this link: whitneycareerguidance.com/student-career-guidance/how-the-student-career-programme-works/
  • Prior to appointment the client will complete Whitney Career Guidance unique online Assessment Tool. This Assessment is a crucial step in the career guidance process providing accurate and detailed results of their key areas of interest, their abilities and aptitudes.
  • Each career guidance appointment is individual and tailored towards the need of the individual. Here is a breakdown of the key themes in the process:
  • The consultation is carried out on a 1 : 1 basis and is fully confidential.
  • The career assessment begins by taking a look at the candidate’s interests. During this process we generate an agreed list of careers that are of interest to the individual.
  • For each of these careers we then take the client through a process where we carefully explain the qualifications, training and specific aptitudes that are needed to qualify, and ultimately find work in their chosen field.
  • We look at all options including full time/ part time and distance learning courses, and assess the suitability of these areas for each client. We also discuss the jobs climate for each area, as well as the costs associated with re-training or returning to college.
  • Following this we fine tune our list and give each client a short list of suitable careers / training courses to explore. This list forms the basis for any future decisions about career choices.
  • Post consultation telephone / e-mail support is available to each client as part of the assessment process.
  • For more details please use this link; whitneycareerguidance.com/career-guidance/

Yes, ongoing support is available from each or our Career Consultants. We pride ourselves on making the journey for our clients as streamlined and easy as possible so therefore when you leave our premises after your appointment you have your own personal Career Consultant. We often see our clients for follow up sessions and this would be particularly relevant to the young students who come to us for seeking advice, clarity and support in starting their career journey.

The range of courses and colleges now available is growing all the time. Whitney Career Guidance help you find your way through the maze of course requirements, and help you match your aspirations with suitable college programmes. With high dropout rates in specific courses, it is important that you have as much information as possible, before you make that final decision. Our assessment is based around the principles of matching a student’s Interest and Abilities. We pride ourselves in successfully directing students in the direction that most suits them. This is an integral part of our session and makes life very easy for the student who attends our appointment as each LC student will leave with a draft CAO completed.

Yes, we encourage all students to avail of our help when deciding their subject choice. This is a critical choice, and students who have made poor subject choices at this stage, often find that many college options are closed to them at a later stage. Students must take account of such things as subject entry requirements for University, and must also carefully consider the subjects they need to support their future college studies.

Whitney Career Guidance places great emphasis on the significance of choosing Senior Cycle Subjects, and highly recommends that all students making Senior Cycle Choices take advice and guidance at this stage.

For more details please follow this link: www.whitneycareerguidance.com/subject-choice-getting-it-right/

Each assessment is normally carried out between the careers adviser and the student only. However parents/guardians are invited to attend a summary session immediately after the completion of the assessment. All findings from the assessment along with recommendations made are discussed during the summary.

People ring us at Whitney Career Guidance very often and ask the question “do we do Aptitude Tests”? In most cases I’m pretty sure they don’t know what they are actually asking for. There seems to be an old body of opinion in society that completing an aptitude test is the only way to help identify our true career passion.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. Traditional Aptitude Tests measure a candidate’s ability on a range of intelligence factors such as numeric or verbal ability.

During my early years of assessing young people I used Aptitude Tests quite a lot. However I soon learned that these same students had very little interest in the test results. They much preferred me to explain what’s involved in particular career areas, and whether they might end up behind a desk or have to stick needles into patient’s bodies.

As for adults the mere sight of a psychometric test booklet was often enough to induce a mild panic attack! They seemed to have an innate fear that they might be subject to an IQ test which was designed to show them as below average intelligence or worse.

 So I was left with a dilemma as to what to do. Too much testing and I was in danger of boring my clients with information they already knew. Too little, and I wasn’t as sure as I would like to be when it came to making decisions regarding a future career path.

Over a period of ten years I developed my own methods for assessing client’s needs:  a series of questionnaires and scenarios, which I designed to tease out each client’s preferences for selected career areas. When I had assimilated six specialist areas, I combined these into one comprehensive online assessment tool which I call “Soon to Be Me”

I tested these methods over a further two to three years until I was happy that they give me a true and accurate reflection of each person’s career preferences. I will not attempt to assess any client now without a Soon to Be Me assessment. I insist on all clients completing this assessment prior to each consultation with me or indeed any of the Whitney Career Guidance Team.

We normally start assessments at 9.30am or 1.30pm, but there are exceptions depending on distance travelled etc. You can discuss suitable times for you with our administrator when setting up the appointment by contacting 087 6763731.

Administration hours for booking and queries are from 9.30am to 1.30pm, Monday to Friday our phone number is 0876763731 alternatively you can email us at whitneycareerguidance@gmail.com.

To book you can phone 0876763731 from 9.30am to 1.30pm Monday to Friday alternatively you can email whitneycareerguidance@gmail.com.  Our administrator acquires the required information over the phone and provides information on available appointment dates and times. A booking fee of €50 is taken to secure your appointment. We will then forward an email with details of all the necessary steps that need to be taken prior to the appointment. All steps are to be completed approximately 2 weeks prior to all appointments including payment of the remaining fees.

Yes, a deposit of €50 is required to secure all bookings. This is usually taken over the phone when confirming your appointment details.

Please use the below link to pay.

Online Payment: Click https://www.whitneycareerguidance.com/online-payments/           Alternatively you can call 0876763731 between the hours Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 1.30pm and we can take payment over the phone.

Prices vary depending on the appointment required. Our services include a Full Student Assessment, Full Adult Assessment, Career Discussion, and CAO Review for Students that have been with us previously. We also offer Life Coaching sessions and Interview Skills Preparation. To see which service best suits your needs please phone 0876763731 – administration hours are 9.30am to 1.30pm, Monday to Friday, or alternatively you can email whitneycareerguidance@gmail.com.

Once your appointment is booked and deposit paid we will forward you a code to complete the On-Line Careers Assessment.

To access our Online Assessment location Click here https://www.whitneycareerguidance.com/soontobeme/

Instructions for the Assessment

  • Click on Take the Test,
  • Enter the Passcode,
  • Click on Start the Test,
  • Follow the instructions & Complete the Assessment.
  • Tips for completing: Please use a laptop/computer rather than a phone or ipad/tablet as you may experience issues when dragging. Also please put your curser over the word number rather than the digit.  There are 6 stages to the assessment. When completed the results are forwarded to your consultant who will discuss them with you during your appointment.