Whitney Career Guidance provide you with all the necessary coaching, training and skills you need to help you with your interview preparation. We pride ourselves on providing the best interview skills courses to help and support you during the interview process


Good first impression for that important interview
Many career opportunities commence with attendance at selection interviews.

When attending any interview the most important aspect for candidates is that they present themselves in a positive and confident manner.

However in reality many people are unsure about how to present themselves as competent individuals, and how to give the right answers to searching questions.

Whitney Career Guidance provide expert coaching on interview skills, based on actual experience of real interviews. This coaching is carried out in a relaxed and friendly environment, designed to help you learn in an effective manner.

We have helped many people prepare for important interviews, across a wide range of professions including;

Nursing – Gardai – Apprenticeship – Teaching – Civil Service – Banking – Health Board – Sales – Management – Administration – Accounting.

Give yourself that vital edge and don’t leave anything to chance at your next interview. It could be the start of a significant career opportunity for you.

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