Selecting College Courses : The range of courses and colleges now available is growing all the time. Whitney Career Guidance help you find your way through the maze of course requirements, and help you match your aspirations with suitable college programmes.

With high drop out rates in specific courses, it is important that you have as much information as possible, before you make that final decision.

Our assessment is based around the principles of matching a student’s Interest and Abilities. We pride ourselves in successfully directing students in the direction that most suits them.



Junior Cert / Transition Year : Students at Junior Cert. and Transition Year levels normally select their Leaving Certificate Subjects (Senior Cycle) during the Spring term which precedes the Leaving Cert 1 Year.

This is a critical choice, and students who have made poor subject choices at this stage, often find that many college options are closed to them at a later stage. Students must take account of such things as subject entry requirements for University, and must also carefully consider the subjects they need to support their future college studies.


Whitney Career Guidance place great emphasis on the significance of choosing Senior Cycle Subjects, and highly recommend that all students making Senior Cycle Choices take advice and guidance at this stage.