CAO 2022; Stats, Options and Decisions.

 ©2022 Mary Hickey Career Consultant 2021 saw a record high for CAO Applications with a figure of 85,000 noted.  This figure has dropped by 1.5% in 2022 with a figure of 78,000 recorded.  These figures account for the full cohort of applicants comprising of; school leavers, further education (QQI), mature students and international students including […]

Major Changes in the Irish College System.

Changes in the Irish College System

Over the past 12 months, there has been major overhaul and significant changes in the Irish College System.   As a result, 12 major IT Colleges across Ireland have amalgamated into 5 large Technological Universities.   The 5 new entities are as follows;   New College Name Former Name Technological University of Dublin – TUD […]

Every End Has A New Beginning: Graduation

The Big Day You made it! After years of study and last minute cramming, nervous preparations for class presentations and endless fall outs during group work – at long last, graduation has arrived. Graduation day is not like any other day you will experience throughout your college experience. There is no fretfulness or tension like […]