Congratulations to all post primary schools who have introduced Computer Science to their Senior Cycle Programme especially our local schools St. Mary’s CBS Enniscorthy and Creagh College Gorey.  The introduction of computer science at Senior Cycle is such an added advantage for those students who have an interest in pursuing Computer Science in college. With such high dropout rates in computer science courses the study of computer science at post primary level can only be a good thing. Further to this the addition of Physical Education as an exam subject demonstrates positive progress with in our schooling system.

With so much subject choice available is it any wonder that students and parents may get confused when deciding upon what subjects to study at Leaving Cert Level.  Here are some considerations and questions that students should take into account when making their subjects choice.

  • What careers are you interested in and what subjects are relevant to these careers? (i.e. Chemistry has a strong relevance to Science Careers).
  • What courses will enable you to work in your chosen career sector?
  • What specific subject requirements are attached to these courses? (i.e. Chemistry to Veterinary Science).
  • What subjects will allow you to max out points potential but also what subjects will enhance your ability to perform in your chosen course? (i.e. Physics will enhance performance in Engineering and Computer Sc’ Courses).
  • What subjects do you like and will motivate you to perform in school?
  • What is involved in the study of these subjects, i.e. project based/ practical elements?
  • Are you exempt from studying any subjects and how does this impact college?
  • What subjects are available within your school, if not available how can you access these subjects?
  • What grades do you expect to achieve in your chosen subjects?
  • When do you need to submit your subject choice?

While we are aware that JC and TY students are quiet young to be making such important decisions regarding career choices; please do not under estimate the importance of correct subject choice. It is their first introduction to the world of careers and needs be taken in a step by step process with the student so that when they get to 6th year it is not totally consuming their energy.  This is vital so that their journey to their chosen career is positive, smooth and motivates them to achieve their dream in a manageable manner.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for details on our model of subject choice.