Leaving Cert Student Subject Choice


Are you or a student you know unclear on what subjects to choose for Leaving Cert? Maybe you’re unsure of what factors to consider before making your final subject choice? If you answered yes to the above questions, then keep reading. 


According to research carried out by Irish Independent, August 2019, the following subjects are the most difficult to achieve a H1 grade (90% to 100%) in the Leaving Certificate;

  • English,  

    Graph displaying Irish Students who received a H1 Grade per subject in the Leaving Cert exam.
    2019 Irish Students who received a H1 Grade in Leaving Cert.
  • Art,     

  • Geography,

  • Business,

  • Ag. Science,

  • Irish,

  • Maths,

  • French,

  • Accounting

  •  History




Parents and students alike are likely to become confused when deciding what subjects to study for the Leaving Cert. Students must choose from an extensive list of available subjects

as well as taking their career path into account.  We have created a list of scenarios and questions to analyse before making that all important decision.

  • Consider the careers you are interested in and what subjects are relevant to these careers. (Chemistry has a strong relevance to Science Careers)

    Colourful arrows each representing a different school subject or career path

  • Look at the courses that will enable you to work in the above career sector(s)?
  • Are there any specific subject requirements attached to these courses? (Chemistry required for Veterinary Science, Dietician etc).
  • Identify subjects which allow you to max out your point’s potential but also the subjects that will enhance your ability to perform in your chosen course (Physics will enhance performance in Engineering and Computer Science Courses).
  • If you are favouring an apprenticeship what subjects should be considered?
  • Personal preference will play a big role so don’t forget subjects you like and motivate you to perform.
  • What is involved in the study of these subjects, i.e. project based/ practical elements?
  • Are you exempt from studying any subjects and how does this impact college?
  • Certain subjects may not be available within your school, how can you access these subjects?
  • Try to accurately forecast the grades you expect to achieve in your chosen subjects?
  • When do you need to submit your subject choice?


Parent supporting their child
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The Importance of Subject Choice

We understand that Junior Cert and Transition Year students are quite young to be making such important decisions regarding their careers. The importance of correct subject choice should not be undervalued. Subject choice is a student’s first introduction to the world of careers and needs be taken in a step by step process.

This is vital so that when students get to 6th year, they are not totally overwhelmed and are capable of obtaining their dream in a manageable manner.  Parents who have brought their child to Whitney Career Guidance for help with subject choice, have advocated how streamlined the transition from 6th year to college is and how their child is performing positively in their chosen course.

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