Excellent Pre-Screening Tool For Students

Soontobeme focuses on attainable & realistic careers that lead to actual jobs.

Soontobeme also eliminates all the information that candidates don't need, cuts to the chase and gets to the point quickly.

We guarantee it will save you and your students endless hours of frustration trying to figure out what direction they should be taking.

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What Students Can Expect

   A List of Top Career Preferences

   What Careers They Should Avoid

   A User Friendly Personalised Report For Each Preference

   Take the test any time, anywhere, no supervision of any kind required

Soon To Be Me Personalised Reports

Soontobeme™ personalised reports are easy to understand and contain relevant information relating to:

       Suggested Career Choices

       Academics Pointers

       A Host of Other Things to Look Out For

The Soontobeme™ Personalised Reports can be used as a basis for further discussion with a Careers Advisor / Guidance Counsellor. They are easy to read and written in plain English.

Thanks to Soontobeme™ the words "I haven't got a clue what I should do" will be history in the careers classroom!

Competitive Group Rates

Number of Tests Cost Per Test Saving
5-19 €19 Up to €190!
20-39 €17 Up to €450!
40-59 €15 Up to €800!
60-79 €13 Up to €1200!
80+ €10 Up to €1500!

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