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In 1998 Seamus Whitney founded Pinnacle Career Services, an organization committed to helping others reach their full career and life potential.

Pinnacle Career Services, specializing in Career Guidance, Training and Personal Development has helped over 3,000 people reach their career and personal goals during that time.

Prior to this Seamus has over 20 years experience working in industry, the vast majority at management level. He holds qualifications in Management, Science, and Quality Assurance, and is registered with Saville & Holdsworth, European Leaders in Psychometric Assessment.

In his capacity as a Training/Management Consultant Seamus has worked with a broad range of companies including multi-nationals, indigenous companies, public sector clients and Skills-Nett Training initiatives.

Regarding SoonToBeMe Seamus says the following:

“When I started my work as a career consultant I used both psychometric testing and personality testing to assess my clients. However I always found that there was some missing factor from the total picture or profile of the individual being assessed. To address this, let's call it a missing factor, I developed a series of assessment tools to help clients focus in on their true career preferences in a cost effective and timely manner. As these assessments evolved over the years, I have had increasing success with them, to a point now where I now have 100% confidence in their results”


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