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Draft CAO (5th Year Students)

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What’s Included in a Student Assessment?


Prior to the appointment the client will complete Whitney Career Guidance unique online Assessment Tool. This Assessment is a crucial step in the career guidance process providing accurate and detailed results of their key areas of interest, their abilities and aptitudes. 


Each career guidance appointment is unique and tailored towards the need of the individual. Here is a breakdown of the key themes in the process:

  • For 5th year students – analysis of the student’s current points status in addition to setting a realistic and achievable points target.
  • For 3rd and 4th year students, recommendation of subject choice and introduction of CAO.
  • Detailed information regarding college qualifications, points needed for entry into different courses, overview of colleges, and subject critique. 
  • Review of student’s online Assessment allowing the introduction of a thorough and detailed breakdown of all careers of interest.
  • Advice and clarity on employment prospects from careers of interest, points /subjects needed for direct entry into relevant courses and guidance on backdoor entry to careers of interest. 
  • Where necessary further psychometric testing will be used.
  • Categorising level of interest of career, completion of preference list.
  • Leaving Cert Cycle student will leave fully informed of CAO Process and with a draft CAO completed
  • Where necessary students will leave informed of UCAS/ Study Abroad /HEAR / DARE/ SUSI programmes and any other information required to assist them in their decision making. 
  • Parent/guardian discussion and review of assessment.

Follow Up Appointment 

The follow up review appointment can be made on the day of the full student assessment. 

  • Review and analysis of student’s current grades/points status 
  • Affirmation of previously discussed career/college choices  
  • Completion of final CAO form
  • Opportunity to ask any further questions 

Terms & Conditions

  • Bookings of full student assessments must be scheduled for May, June or July 2019
  • Top Up appointments can be made at the Full Student Assessment
  • Spaces are limited and are subject to availability
  • To book your preferred appointment date and time, call Emma on 087 6763731
  • The Early Bird Offer ends April 30th